TOP NEWS San Francisco's Agile Approach to a New Housing Portal Offers Lessons for Other City-Vendor Partnerships At the Bridge SF conference, B-corp Exygy and San Francisco talked about the lessons they learned doing things in a very different way as they set out to improve a very outdated process for affordable housing seekers. Homeless Health Care to On-Street Parking: 9 More Startups from Bridge SF There were a lot of startups, some established and some just beginning their work, at the Bridge SF conference. Here's a look at nine of them.   Integrated Roadways Announces Contract with Colorado to Install Smart Pavement The company thinks it can make roads that gather data, support self-driving and connected vehicles and possibly even pay for themselves. They've started work in a location or two, and now they've announced a new project in Colorado to test out their concept under real conditions.   GDPR Comes to America The sweeping General Data Protection Regulation may be a European policy, but the Internet's borders are not the same as the physical world's. So it is reaching into the U.S. as well.   Amazon is Selling Real-Time Facial Recognition to Police, Privacy Advocates Object Not far removed from a collection of civil rights advocates calling on the body camera producer Axon not to pursue real-time facial recognition, the American Civil Liberties Union has uncovered a project from Amazon to sell that exact technology to police departments. MARKET SPOTLIGHT

Most Americans are Afraid of Self-Driving Cars True, most Americans have not yet ridden in or even seen a self-driving car. But early indications are that they're not entirely comfortable with them, or at least their idea of them.


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