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Information technology leaders in government struggle with a common challenge: how to innovate when approximately 75 percent of time and budget are dedicated to simply maintaining existing systems. Many government IT leaders are turning to the cloud for answers. Cloud-based platforms give agencies the opportunity to drastically reduce spend and free resources to develop, deploy and securely manage applications. Regular upgrades that come with cloud services often improve overall performance and security of software, and add new features and functionality that would take agencies months or more to test and implement using an on-premises system.

Former Kansas Department of Labor CIO William Sanders, now Director of Cloud Platform Strategy for Oracle Public Sector, has witnessed firsthand how rigid on-premise systems can hinder agency progress.

“In December, many companies would need to lay off employees to meet their budgets. Our traditional unemployment systems couldn’t keep up with the demand for benefits, especially right before Christmas. The governor’s phone would ring off the hook with unhappy citizens trying to submit claim,” Sanders said.

Today, with a cloud-based infrastructure, agencies can easily scale up capacity to meet the deluge of seasonal transactions.


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