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Health and Human Services

Government agencies must be prepared to meet the health and welfare challenges facing their constituents, from easy access to Medicare and Medicaid to public-assistance programs that meet basic nutritional and educational needs. 

Federal funding requirements and interagency objectives have propelled agencies to move forward with data sharing initiatives. Individual jurisdictional systems must be able to talk to one another, and ensure that data can easily move across these systems. Health IT solutions are needed to streamline administration and reduce costs, to manage both care and care givers and support data sharing. For many states, the way forward is an incremental path of modernization. 

Oracle offers flexible deployment options such as all cloud, on-premises, or hybrid cloud solutions to help agencies modernize their legacy enterprise information systems. With a commitment to open standards, compliance with existing federal and state regulations, and seamless integration, Oracle offers a variety of modular commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) that work across HHS agencies, and can be implemented through a network of vendor partners, one module at a time. 


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