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Smarter Security for a Better Protected Government

Given today's growing threat environment, state and local government agencies must focus on hardening the infrastructure rather than just securing the perimeter. Doing so effectively means leveraging the benefits of next-generation cloud, including the automation it enables to improve security, reliability and operational efficiency.

New Broadband Service Prompts Fort Collins Cloud Migration

As Fort Collins Utilities, Colo., began its journey to becoming an internet provider, they realized their existing customer information system (CIS) couldn’t support a broadband service or the necessary integrations and desired features. By combining on-premises and cloud resources, Fort Collins Utilities now operates with multitenant capabilities giving the city the technology resources needed to support multiple databases and information systems.

Cloud Brings Higher Education to Houston's Diverse Community

Houston Community College IT staff developed new applications and services that better serve students and staff versus spending time maintaining hardware and software while reducing its data center footprint by about 60%.

K-12 Districts Turn to the Cloud for Back-Office Modernization

See why districts across the country are turning to cloud solutions to modernize their back-office processes and create tremendous efficiencies that free up time, money, infrastructure and other resources so districts can focus on providing a world-class education to students.

Oracle: Powering Academic Research

As academic research continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible with the help of big data, the need for high-performance cloud computing solutions will increase. Research institutions must therefore think not only about the research they want to conduct today, but the technology they need now, and in the future, to support it.

Campus 360: Tomorrow's Innovation, Today

Campus 360 offers ways for community colleges to take advantage of the latest innovations and analytics to gain actionable insights about students.

Cloud Makes Multi-Channel Campuses Come to Life

Learn how Lorain County Community College continues to adapt to the needs of an evolving modern campus.

Leveraging Data to Narrow the Digital Divide for a Modern Community College Experience

Unlock the full potential of data for a modern experience on campus, with innovative technology and updating internal processes.

Oracle: Committed to Student Success

Community colleges comprise a significant portion of the higher education ecosystem. To keep tuition costs low and provide the infrastructure needed to serve the growing ranks of mobile students, many institutions are looking to the savings and flexibility of cloud computing.

Cloud on Your Terms: Embracing Incremental Opportunities

Today, higher education institutions face public pressure to innovate as key issues like affordability, value and accessibility continue to challenge the traditional university system.

Cloud Positions Public Utility for the Future

Public utilities are undergoing a major change as new technologies help deliver better service, conserve energy and cut costs. To match these efficiencies, the Kansas City Board of Public Utilities replaced its enterprise resource planning (ERP) system with a cloud-based platform, resulting in immediate savings.

Becoming America's Most Innovative City

The Oracle Service Cloud solution implemented by AST has helped San Jose expand civic engagement while accomplishing many other objectives toward their goal of becoming America’s most innovative city by 2020. Download this paper to learn more.

Cloud-Powered Back Office Paves Way to Modernization for St. Croix

St. Croix County, Wisconsin is one of many organizations pursuing a strategy to rapidly bring their financial and human resource (HR) systems up to speed, deliver new services and prepare for the future, all by using applications powered by cloud computing.

Oracle Helps Oakland Transform Critical Business Functions - On Time and On Budget

The City of Oakland, Calif., uses the Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) to run nearly every aspect of the city’s functions - from human resources and financials to procurement, payables and reporting.

Putting Some SaaS Into Your Small City

Progressive city managers and administrators are turning to cloud-powered back office strategies to help their local governments keep pace with change and deliver the advanced services citizens expect — without the costs, complexity and built-in obsolescence of on-premises solutions.

Cloud Procurement Guide

Government officials say assistance is needed in overcoming IT challenges associated with cloud procurement. This paper provides a checklist to give government officials a starting point on their cloud journey. It outlines what’s needed for a forward-looking cloud procurement strategy.

How Ohio EPA Reinvented Permitting and Compliance Assistance

Working together, Ohio EPA and TruePenny People launched a new compliance and permit wizard within six months. The new online permitting and compliance wizard reduces agency silos and makes life easier for entrepreneurs in the state.

Lexington Moves to the Cloud for Modern, Sustainable Back-Office Operations

Lexington Fayette Urban County Government recognized the importance of modernizing their human capital management (HCM) and financial supply chain management (FSCM) solutions to more aptly support ongoing business operations.

Turning Data Into Insights in San Joaquin County

In 2018, San Joaquin County partnered with Graviton and Oracle on an Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) proof of concept. Leveraging a data lake and OAC gave the county a low-cost way to apply analytics across its vast troves of data — whether that data resided in cloud-based or legacy systems – enabling better service delivery and the ability to identify opportunities for improvement. To learn more, download the paper.

Government 360: Amplifying Democracy Through Technology

Government 360 is a strategy for ongoing government modernization. As an approach, it encompasses a modern, flexible infrastructure and widespread automation and mobility. It means always-on availability through multiple channels and data-driven insights gathered via machine learning and predictive analytics. These digital touchpoints can create a circle of citizen engagement, constituent service, private business productivity and civic mission.

Texas Chooses Cloud to Deliver Statewide ERP System

In 2007, Texas Legislature charged the Comptroller's office with implementing a standard enterprise resource planning (ERP) system for all state agencies. To meet this mandate, Texas Comptroller created a solution called the Centralized Accounting and Payroll/Personnel System (CAPPS), which is built on Oracle PeopleSoft financial, human resources and payroll applications. This enables Texas to reduce costs, improve system performance and allow for easier access, now and in the future.

New York Uses Data to Transform Healthcare Delivery

New York not only needed data, but also the ability to glean valuable patient insights from that data to help pinpoint risks and inform care decisions to meet the goal of reducing avoidable hospital visits by 25 percent over 5 years.

How Las Vegas Created an Infrastructure for the Future

Learn how the city of Las Vegas drastically reduced its IT spend and freed up resources to allot more time to making a difference in its communities.

Smarter Solutions for a Connected Government

A cloud-based approach to customer service is key to address business problems holistically, develop solutions that enable the integration of platform services to create connected citizen experiences and automate connections among systems.

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