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6 Ways to do "Extreme Collaboration"

In an effort to inspire teamwork on the job, Gartner developed what it calls "extreme collaboration."

by / December 7, 2012

It's not enough to just collaborate -- CIOs need extreme collaboration (XC), according to Gartner's report Six Best Practices for Moving to a Culture of Extreme Collaboration.

"Collaboration is a critical activity in many operational business processes, both structured and unstructured," said Janelle Hill, VP and distinguished analyst at Gartner. "An XC environment is essentially a virtual war room or crisis center, where people can come together to collaboratively work on a shared purpose."

To enable a culture of extreme collaboration, Gartner identified six things CIOs can do:

  • Use a virtual meeting place. Gartner encouraged CIOs to switch from traditional methods of collaboration such as face-to-face meetings or email and embrace virtual collaboration tools, such as social media.
  • Take advantage of technology trends. While some organizations might see the incessant use of texting and Facebook as a distraction, Gartner recommends taking advantage of the behavior by incorporating  it into work. The real-time component of these technologies could have great benefit to the organization.
  • Engage the public. Social media and crowd sourcing are powerful tools that should be utilized to solve problems.
  • Adjust reward systems. These systems should reward group collaboration rather than individual efforts to encourage collaboration.
  • Analyze social media use. Monitor people's social network influence and identify "strong social networks where a foundation of trust and respect exist," at which point you can use those relationships to "address some critical, cross-boundary process performance challenge."
  • Plan group events. To get people thinking differently and using non-traditional forms of collaboration, consider some new approaches, such as using online games for collaboration or turning off email for stretches throughout the day.

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