Former Tech Leader Bryan Sivak Lands at Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Sivak will serve as an entrepreneur-in-residence for the foundation, where he help to fulfill its mission of building a Culture of Health.

by / September 30, 2015
Bryan Sivak David Kidd

On Sept. 30, former U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Chief Technology Officer Bryan Sivak announced on Twitter that he has joined the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation as an entrepreneur-in-residence.

Sivak became the CTO for D.C. in 2009 before becoming the CIO of Maryland and then CTO for DHHS. Sivak announced his departure from DHHS earlier this year.

"If you boil down my work in D.C., Maryland and HHS to its essence, it really is all about enabling change in large, complex ecosystems, and if you think about what the foundation is trying to achieve with its mission of building a culture of health, it’s exactly that," Sivak said in a Sept. 29 interview published on Medium.

Sivak is credited with founding the HHS Innovation, Design, Entrepreneurship and Action (IDEA) Lab; establishing the HHS Buyer’s Club for better procurement; and spearheading a national campaign to expand open data across the agency’s many state and federal organizations. The HHS Ignite Accelerator, a program housed within Sivak’s IDEA lab, has funded and incentivized dozens of department projects, endeavors that have optimized processes, and in some cases saved HHS thousands.

Visit the RWJF's interview on Medium for more on Sivak's future.

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