Napa, Calif., Looking for Tech to Give a Better Experience to Tourists The city in the heart of wine country is turning to the Startup in Residence program for the first time this year, hoping to use technology to personalize visitors' experiences and send them to places they wouldn't think to look. Meanwhile, STiR has announced its next round of expansions, including its first state government partner.

Startup Digitizes 17 Cities' Zoning Codes, Lets Local Gov Use it for Free The startup,, is aiming for a clientele base more along the lines of the real estate developer persuasion — cities get to use their zoning maps for free. That could help cities answer questions more efficiently, and possibly even achieve better insight into how different policies would drive change.   Texas City to Try Driverless Shuttles to Test its Infrastructure and Gather Data The city of Arlington is working with to run the shuttles on public roads, and leaders say they're going to get a lot of data out of the deal.   Savannah, Ga., Police Want Drones The department has put out a bid for three drones to help it carry out its work more quickly and effectively. MARKET SPOTLIGHT

Where the Chief Innovation Officers Roam As state and local governments become more comfortable with experimentation, many have created positions dedicated to innovation. We've put together a map of known chief innovation officers across the country.


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Swiftmile: Charging stations for electric bicycles and scooters, including geospatial analytics. Run a GovTech company? Get on our radar here.



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