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All About State and Local Government Contracts

Plus, data startup LiveStories raises $10 million, Chattanooga launches a Socrata data mapping application and more ...

by / July 25, 2017


Ask Joe: All About Contracts In a new regular business-beat series, e.Republic Vice President of Research Joe Morris will answer commonly-asked questions about the government technology market. The first topic — state and local government contracts. First, how to get onto one, and second, what to do once you have one.

Data Startup LiveStories Raises $10M The Seattle-based startup trying to bring context and storytelling to data publishing is playing in a crowded field, but it has backing. The Series A round puts the company's capital up to nearly $14 million.

Chattanooga Launches Socrata Data Mapping Application The tech-savvy Tennessee city has set up a GIS application for sharing open data.

Boulder Fire-Rescue Gets New Dispatch Software-Hardware for $500K The Colorado agency is getting a new dispatch package that will allow dispatchers to stay on the line with callers instead of putting them on hold and should cut down response times. Officials hope to have it running by August.

Limiting Creep Scope creep acts as a weed. If it’s allowed to grow freely, then it spreads to other parts of the project, or the change requests become deeper and more involved. But these five tips can help to manage change requests before they turn into scope creep and disrupt the project’s timing and profitability.

Stary-Up NY Dropouts? According to a recent analysis, more than half of the 'Start-Up NY' participants from Long Island have dropped out the state program — 15, to be exact. This points to the challenges Long Island faces in nurturing tech startups.



Where Is State and Local Government Spending the Most on Tech? And how have those figures changed since last year? Estimates from the Center for Digital Government here.


GovTech companies on our radar this week:

Numina: An urban data startup offering sensors to help measure traffic, detect anomalies and pave the way for self-driving vehicles. Numina is working on a pilot project with the city of Las Vegas.

Run a GovTech company? Get on our radar here.


What Cops Know: Stories from Chicago's Streets (Chicago Magazine)

Maybe Government Shouldn't Always Try to Put Everything in One Place (Dave Guarino/Twitter thread)

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