A top official working on innovation initiatives for the state of California is stepping down.

Louis Stewart, the deputy director for innovation and entrepreneurship in the Governor's Office of Business and Economic Development (GO-Biz), announced on Twitter he's leaving the post for another position in Sacramento.

"After 7 yrs of #innovation based #EconDev for the State from within @CAGoBiz ... It is with great humility that I say it's been an honor," Stewart wrote.

He hinted at where he's headed beginning May 15:

In his role at GO-Biz, Stewart travels the state to evangelize the iHubs program in California’s tech economy as a whole. He often speaks with government leaders, industry and academia about what can be done to move the needle on innovation, particularly in communities outside of Silicon Valley.

The iHub program is composed of more than a dozen clusters in California officially designated by the state. The program was started by GO-Biz with the goal of fostering partnerships, economic development and job creation around specific regional areas of expertise.

This article was originally published on Techwire.