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Four Companies Working to Fix the RFP

Plus, DigitalTown offers "stock" in websites to city residents, Henderson, Nev., develops a smart city strategic plan, and more...

by / September 19, 2017


Four Tech Companies Working on Government Procurement To fix government technology, fix the way it buys technology — that's been the attitude many in state and local government have taken, and many are trying to fix that purchasing process. Here's a look at four companies trying to help governments make procurement better.

DigitalTown Offers "Stock" in Websites to City Residents The company has rolled out a network of more than 20,000 city-specific Web portals and given city governments the option to license them. Now it's offering the citizens in those cities a chance to own them as well.

Henderson, Nev., Develops Smart City Strategic Plan The city of Las Vegas may be the one grabbing all the headlines for futuristic transportation projects at the moment, but its neighbor Henderson is working on its own plans to test out and adopt new technology.

Kansas Hopes to Complete Driver's License System Five Years Late The state is way past due on a system meant to handle driver's license records. But it hopes to get the work done this month.



FirstNet Keeps Growing Since July, 21 states and territories have opted in to FirstNet, an effort to build out a unified communications network for public safety across the U.S. The network could mean growing technology adoption and innovation among public safety agencies across the country.


GovTech companies on our radar this week:

Callyo: A company focused on making communications tools for law enforcement. Its 10-21 app gives law enforcement personnel a way to contact citizens with their personal phones without giving out their phone numbers. Gov Tech will be writing about Callyo soon.

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