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Louisiana Embarks on App Modernization

On the heels of a major consolidation, Chief Information Officer Dickie Howze turns to what’s next.

by / October 5, 2017
Louisiana's move from a federated IT environment to a central IT office three years ago brought needed savings and efficiencies to the state. At the time, CIO Dickie Howze admitted that change management was a significant piece of the undertaking.

At the NASCIO conference earlier this week, Howze told Government Technology that there's been progress in getting state employees on board with the change. "Our agency customers are accepting it more and more on a day-to-day basis," he said.

Post-consolidation, one major area of focus for Howze is on modernizing applications. As a starting point, the state is conducting an inventory of all of applications in need of an update. Referring to those efforts as well as the development of an enterprise architecture platform between two large state agencies, he underscored a commitment to a more modern technology environment in Louisiana.

"We just can't continue to operate like we've been operating for all of these decades. ... We definitely have to look at doing things together."   


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Noelle Knell Editor

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