The Silver Tsunami Is Real. Here’s 2 Ways to Frame Staffing Initiatives

The University of Denver’s JB Holston discusses the phenomenon and what government can do about it.

by / November 18, 2016

The mass exodus of retirees from the government workforce, particularly in IT, has been a much discussed issue for nearly a decade. But it’s not a topic to take lightly.

“The silver tsunami, it’s a real thing,” said JB Holston, dean of the University of Denver’s Daniel Felix Ritchie School of Engineering and Computer Science.

Talking to Government Technology at the Colorado Digital Government Summit in October, Holston said it’s a phenomenon that’s been around but is even more acute today. As an example, he pointed to the Colorado Office of Information Technology where the average employee age is over 50. In the video, posted above, Holston discusses two ways for public-sector leaders to frame their technology staffing initiatives.

Elaine Pittman Former Managing Editor

Elaine Pittman worked for Government Technology from 2008 to 2017.

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