As of last week, federal Chief Digital Officer Gerrit Lansing no longer reports to work at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

According to Politico, Lansing was one of six staffers dismissed from the White House after failing to pass an FBI background check. In Lansing's case, it was due to complications regarding his past investment dealings. His official file reports that he left on his own accord.

Lansing previously served as chief digital officer for the Republican National Committee. He led the party’s digital efforts through the 2016 election and was tapped to take on a similar role within the White House.

Lansing, who had been appointed just before the inauguration, was charged with a broad scope of duties including creating content for the official White House websites, engaging the public and taking the lead on overhauling government technical services.

There is no word on whether this decision will have an effect on 18F, the federal government's small team of digital service builders, for which Lansing tweeted support in late January.