Cybersecurity, Big Data Among Mission-Critical Topics for CIOs

by / July 25, 2013

Opening up data for public consumption, platform modernization and increasing cybersecurity awareness were among the topics discussed at the Public CIO Technology Summit on July 24-25 in Washington, D.C.

The event brought together a mix of public-sector CIOs and industry representatives to share best practices and learn about one another’s barriers — with a focus on creating relationships across governments. 

While the summit was closed to media, Government Technology had an exclusive look into the event and can share insight into the topics discussed. 

One such issue was modernizing IT systems -- summit participants noted that it's not just a technology issue; it’s also a people issue. As legacy systems are replaced, IT staff members are being trained to work on new projects and services. In the future, for example, a good contract writer might replace programmers.

Attendees also said that focusing on open data initiatives is about more than releasing data sets. Exposing data can help break down barriers between government and the public by building trust; it also can fuel local startups and encourage civic innovation.

See the slideshow above for more information on the topics discussed during the summit.