Photo by: Flickr/Mercy Health

Germ-Zapping Robot Uses Pulsed UV Technology to Disinfect

by / January 13, 2015

Robots are being used more and more often in the health-care field. Remote-control machines with monitors for “faces” connect patients with remote providers and allow doctors to collaborate across the miles, while other robots are being programmed with the capacity for human emotion themselves, in the hopes that they can play a role in caring for the sick.

This germ-zapping robot from San Antonio-based Xenex uses pulsed ultraviolet technology to disinfect hospital rooms to help control infection. The machine is placed beside a hospital bed, filling the room with flashes of blue light emanating from a column of UV-C lights. The process takes between five and 15 minutes. In response to the recent Ebola outbreak, the company developed specific protocols for treating Ebola-contaminated areas, as well as the personal protective equipment worn by health-care workers during treatment.