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Humanoid Robot Debuts in Tokyo

by / November 8, 2011

Honda Robotics today unveiled a humanoid robot newly equipped with autonomous behavior control technology — ASIMO can now continue moving without being controlled by an operator and has the decision-making capability to determine its behavior in unison with its surroundings, such as movements of people, according to a press release.

Based on information from pre-set space sensors, ASIMO can predict the direction a person will walk, and then quickly determines to take an alternate path to avoid a collision. The robot also can recognize faces and voices, and can recognize the voices of multiple people speaking simultaneously — something that’s difficult even for a human.

With its new strengthened legs, expanded range of motion and control technology, ASIMO can walk, run, run backward, and can hop on one leg or on two legs continuously. A new multi-fingered hand allows the robot to perform tasks with dexterity, such as picking up a glass bottle and twisting off the cap, or holding a soft paper cup to pour a liquid without squishing it, and make sign language expressions (shown above with Japanese and American sign language for "I love you") .

According to, ASIMO may one day save lives at disaster sites and other places that are too dangerous for people to work. Honda, according to the story, claims that "this robot can be remotely controlled to perform tasks in unstable places which are difficult for people to access."

Photos courtesy of Hondo Robotics.