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London gigapixel panorama photo Photo by: BT

London Gigapixel Panorama

by / August 13, 2013

At full resolution, this 360-degree panoramic photo of London taken shortly after the 2012 Olympic Games boasts a size of 320 gigapixels. According to Gizmag, the shot, made up of 48,640 individual pictures, is a world record-breaker.

Photographers Jeffrey Martin, Tom Mills and Holger Schulze report that if the panoramic photo was printed, it would measure nearly 98 meters (322 feet) wide and almost 25 meters (75 feet) tall. British Telecommunications (BT) used photography firm 360Cities to capture the image from the 29th floor of the BT communications tower over the course of three days.

Four separate camera setups were placed and attached to robotic panorama mounts. Each one shot four frames per second, covering a 360-degree arc. The images were layered and combined almost seamlessly into one continuous picture. An interactive website lets visitors zoom in and out of the image, easily pinpointing famous landmarks and buildings up to 20 miles from where the photo was taken.