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County Commissioner Helps Others with Resources, Compassion

Whether it’s a small county or a national stage, Mary Ann Borgeson leads Douglas County, Neb., and the National Association of Counties with compassion and the understanding of the impacts her decisions can make.

by / May 26, 2020

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Mary Ann Borgeson did not consider running for elected office in her home state of Nebraska until her husband encouraged her to do so. But, even after nearly three decades in public office, she does not look at it as being a politician or an elected official, she simply sees a job of caring for other people, which is really her driving force.

As Douglas County commissioner, Mary Ann Borgeson honors the impact she can have on people’s lives every day through her closeness to the community. As president of the National Association of Counties (NACo), even though it is a larger scale, she still maneuvers her national role with community-level intimacy. “As president, you’re like a leader and an ambassador to the rest of the counties across the country.” She cares for counties across the nation by sharing stories, ideas and resources, to provide a network of support and connection.

Mary Ann Borgeson works, at every level, through empathy. She is humbled by her experiences with victims of Hurricane Katrina, inspired by the words of Mother Theresa and powered by positivity and giving others care. Especially in hard times, “try to take care of yourself as well as your family… Remember your compassion and love that you’re able to give to each other.”

Mary Ann Borgeson steps “In the Arena” and shares some of the joys of Nebraska, her hidden athletic talents and how she is working to support others during this national health crisis. Listen to her episode to hear more.

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