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Eric Garcetti’s LA Legacy: Listening, Humility, and Strength

Los Angeles’ mayor was raised with the understanding that public service is listening. So now he listens to his community and wants to make Los Angeles a place of opportunity for the California Dream.

by / December 17, 2019

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Eric Garcetti says he ended up as the mayor of Los Angeles, California, “kind of by accident.” He attributes his mayoral pathway to his parents who taught him the importance of public service and listening, and his humble and inclusive heart have helped him find success in the position.

"You never win by talking. I think public service is about listening. If you hear your city, you hear your country, you hear your world, it will speak to you."

Mayor Garcetti explains that to be successful “in the arena,” you have to be humble and strong, with firm understanding that “you cannot do it on your own.”

His collaborative spirit dreams of a Los Angeles in which his daughter and her generation can afford to live, work and attend school. Mayor Garcetti envisions a Los Angeles in which the California Dream is alive and well, a place where people’s daily needs are taken care of.

Eric Garcetti steps “In the Arena” and discusses his role as mayor and how first interactions, technology, and legacy are at the forefront of his city vision.

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