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High School Bans Social Media Politicking

Student government elections in a San Francisco Bay Area high school must be won the old-fashioned way.

by / August 13, 2012

A high school in the San Francisco Bay Area has banned social networking sites from student government campaigns, reported the Contra Costa Times. Posters and fliers are accepted, but Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are not allowed. Heritage High, the only high school in the region to adopt this policy, felt that the rule was necessary to minimize mudslinging.

"Every time students have used Facebook for campaigning, someone has said something mean about somebody else," said Activities Director Jessica Banchieri.

The school has no way of enforcing the policy and relies on the honor system and self-policing by the students. Although the no-social media rule initially disappointed Dylan Hussein, he still won the race for class president. "I'm not going to lie -- I use Instagram and Facebook a lot," said the 14-year-old, who wasn't initially planning on campaigning the old-fashioned way. "It was kind of hard for me to go out and talk to the students I didn't know because I'm used to texting someone, posting a picture."


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