The 3 Highest-Paying IT Certifications

A new report outlines the top IT certifications and their associated salaries.

by / July 26, 2012
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Many government IT workers are looking for ways to pad their resume so that when the economy recovers, they will float to the top. One way of doing that is through IT certifications. In a white paper released by Tech Republic, the 15 top paying IT certifications were showcased. Once considered a method of getting a job, certification is now a disqualifier – a job seeker might not even get an interview without one, according to the report.

The certifications ranked by the report each received a minimum of 200 responses from the IT professionals surveyed. Some uncommon certifications pay more, such as the Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert and VMware Certified Design Expert.

The three top paying certifications with their associated salaries are:

  • PMP: Project Management Professional ($111,209),
  • CISSP: Certified Information Systems Security Professional ($110,342), and
  • CCDA: Cisco Certified Design Associate ($101,915).

The full white paper is available for download on Tech Republic’s website.

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