Stop Watching Olympics at Work, Los Angeles Tells City Employees

City’s top IT manager fears computer meltdown because city workers are hogging bandwidth by watching the Summer Games on the job.

by / August 1, 2012

It looks like Los Angeles city workers have (or had) a bad case of Olympics fever.

The city’s top IT manager Randi Levin sent an email to city workers Tuesday, July 31, asking employees to stop streaming Olympics coverage at work. As reported by the Los Angeles Times and various other media, Levin cited high volumes of Web traffic that were impacting city operations.

In interviews with the L.A. Times, city councilmembers denounced the TV watching on the timeclock.

Last week blogger Dan Lohrmann, the chief security officer of Michigan, presaged the problem of Olympics streaming. Read Lohrmann’s dispatch here.

Among several pointers, Lohrmann suggests looking at policies for inappropriate usage via personal devices over the workplace network, as well as to warn network users to implement tools that limit streaming and adequately monitor network performance.

Get ready —it’s only seven months until another online stream-fest: the 2013 NCAA men’s college basketball tournament.


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