Mechanical Siren, Rugged PDA and Laptop Cases, Disaster Preparation Videos, Geospatial Data Application

Products from Carson Manufacturing, Otterbox, Global Net Productions, Spatial Networks.

by / February 4, 2009

Sound Machine

Carson Manufacturing's SA-441M MagForce Mechanical siren combines a classic tone and a "stutter" air horn with the power of an independent two-channel, 200-watt amplifier for maximum clearing output.

The combination offers an alternative to purchasing both a mechanical siren and an air horn, and eliminates the need for a bulky exterior siren, air tanks, compressors and tubing.

The SA-441M MagForce Mechanical siren was judged one of the top new products at the EMS Expo in Las Vegas in October 2008. For more information, visit


Sealed and Delivered

OtterBox cases protect a wide variety of portable electronics from scratches, bumps and drops, and some versions are waterproof. The rugged, indestructible cases can protect Apple iPods, BlackBerrys, laptops, tablet PCs and more. For more information, visit or call 888/695-8820.


Better Than Betamax

Can you afford to be unprepared? Earthquakes, power outages, fires, floods and storms can permanently disrupt your organization. Learn from the successes and failures of major companies, like Boeing and Starbucks, and how to prepare for disasters with a survival kit. Global Net Productions produces videos about earthquakes, volcanoes and other disasters that are available at


Collector's Edition

The collection of location-based data is instrumental to industries worldwide, and its importance is growing. Some solutions for geospatial data collection are overly complex, hardware specific, costly to integrate and maintain, and require extensive training and support.

Spatial Networks' Geodexy allows data collection and management in a simple-to-use, low-cost, Web-enabled application that runs on any Windows Mobile device.

Through the utilization of predefined or custom form templates, users can easily discover and log detailed information about numerous location-based assets. The collected data can then be quickly uploaded to the server to view, manage or export. For more information, visit