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Envision Monitor, FrogPad, PLUS Vision

by / June 3, 2004
170-Degree Viewing
Envision Monitor's 19-inch EN9250 ultrathin monitor features a flat-panel LCD display and a viewing angle of up to 170 degrees horizontally and vertically. The screen pivots 90 degrees, making it easy to switch between landscape and portrait mode. Other adjustability functions include 25-degree tilt, 70-degree swivel and 110 mm height-adjustment. The monitor comes equipped with two 3W speakers, which allows users to listen to audio without separate accessories. It also features DVI-D digital input for high picture quality.

Portable Keyboard
With FrogPad's one-handed mobile keyboard, road warriors can hold documents, tools or cups of coffee while entering information on a PDA, Pocket PC, smart phone, laptop or other mobile device. The 20 full-size key layout is designed around the 15 most-used letters in the Roman alphabet to offer a more logical key layout and design than the traditional QWERTY configuration. The company estimates eight hours of training and practice to achieve typing proficiency. The FrogPad is five inches by 3.5 inches by 0.4 inches and weighs 4.9 ounces. It also comes in a Bluetooth version.

Intelligent Whiteboard
PLUS Vision's M-5 copyboard offers two writing surfaces: a traditional white board or flip-chart capabilities. Measuring 46 inches by 28 inches, it can be mounted on office walls, cubicle walls or a traditional stand. Information written on the surface can be stored to internal memory or an optional CompactFlash memory card. A USB cable attached to a PC provides access to the internal memory drive, and stored notes can easily be printed out, stored on networks or e-mailed. The stored information displays directly on a monitor or screen with no special software required.

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Miriam Jones Chief Copy Editor
E.REPUBLIC Platforms & Programs