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by / October 28, 2003
Mouse With a Memory
IOGEAR's Memory Mouse stores files up to 32 MB, including PowerPoint presentations, MP3s and photos. With Memory Mouse users can transfer data to any PC or Macintosh by plugging into a USB port. The tool works on any surface, offers 800 dpi resoution, requires less wrist movement to move the cursor, features a retractable cable to avoid tangled wires and offers an ergonomically contoured design. Memory Mouse is priced at $49.95.

Ticket-Writing Technology
With T2 Systems' wireless handheld ticket writers, parking enforcement agents can view tickets as they are issued and/or paid. Officers in the field can connect in real time to T2 PowerPark through a Wi-Fi LAN or a wireless WAN. Through the wireless network, the ticket writers use a series of private Web pages to access the parking department's PowerPark database.

Weather Watch
IT WatchDogs' Weather Duck warns of damaging environmental changes in server room or remote computer rooms. The device plugs directly into PC serial ports, its internal sensors require no power supply, and door sensors indicate when a door to a server room has been opened. Users can receive e-mail or pager alerts when room temperature changes, doors open or shut, or any of the other values -- such as air flow and water presence -- are exceeded. All data is available on the Web, and photos can be attached using the optional Webcam and software. Data is recorded every minute and logged into an Excel spreadsheet.

Telecom Answers
The Strata CTX100-S digital business telephone system from Toshiba America Information Systems supports up to 16 ports in a mix-and-match configuration of central office lines, IP, digital and analog stations. The system offers optional integrated Toshiba Stratagy Voice Processing and networking capabilities. IP telephone users can eliminate long distance toll charges between the main office and any branch, remote or home offices. The system also reduces long distance charges for other calls by allowing voice and fax calls to be transmitted via the Internet or private intranet.
Miriam Jones Chief Copy Editor
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