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Some 600 phones in the Bay Area recorded waveform data from the Seven Trees earthquake last October. That data is being used by researchers at the UC Berkeley Seismological Laboratory to better understand the effects of quakes.
Many colleges and universities are still in the process of moving various systems to the cloud, citing the need to manage and secure large research data sets and growing networks with limited staff.
A bipartisan group of senators urged the Biden administration to reconsider its hesitancy to transfer advanced armed drones to Ukraine, describing the technology as critical for eroding Russian battlefield advantages.
Nuclear power as a climate solution got a big boost when the Biden administration announced giving Pacific Gas and Electric Co. a $1.1 billion grant to help the company operate California's last nuclear plant.
Three companies were awarded a total of $260,000 from the Michigan Mobility Funding Platform to advance technology in the areas of bridge construction, electric vehicles and drone-operated deliveries.
Administrators from the Georgia Institute of Technology and University of Michigan say that users and providers of emerging XR technologies should be conscious of privacy, security and safety challenges.
The Pennsylvania Department of Corrections has launched a pilot program using virtual reality technology to improve engagement and relationships between incarcerated parents and their children.
The world's most powerful rocket flashed to life recently — blinding onlookers as though staring into the sun — and then released a thunderous roar as it throttled skyward with the power of 160,000 Corvette engines.
Thirty-eight states are operating or building networks of weather monitoring stations to provide more precise data than they receive from the National Weather Service. These networks that detect weather events spanning 1 to 150 miles.
The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration selected companies to help compile and analyze worldwide climate and weather data, using AI and digital twin technology. The first phase will visualize sea surface temperature data.
From Titusville to Tampa, people across the state of Florida were awoken early Saturday morning to the sound of the SpaceX plane X-37B returning to Earth after a record-breaking 908 days in orbit.
In a forthcoming project, Secretary of Commerce Elizabeth Tanner hopes a centralized data lake and distributed ledger technology could securely share professional and business identity data across state agencies.  
A General Dynamics-backed coalition that also includes other major tech players wants to develop 5G-powered tools for state and local agencies. Government use cases for 5G continue to expand but challenges abound.
Airports are increasingly turning to cutting-edge technologies to meet their daily operational needs. These initiatives serve as real-world tests and economic drivers in the communities the airports serve.
Tye Hayes, who helped the city of Atlanta recover from its high-profile 2018 ransomware attack in time to host the Super Bowl, drew on the lessons from that rebuilding with a new product aimed at enabling innovation.