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Emerging Tech

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A pilot project between a regional utility and the Cajon Valley Union School District is turning eight electric school buses into battery storage devices to supplement the electric grid during peak demand periods.
After several years of pushing, the Phoenix Fire Department has officially launched its unmanned aircraft systems program, laying the policy and best practices groundwork for other city departments to follow suit.
Advances in technology and technique have turned weather into a booming piece of the tech sector with satellites, radars and developments in artificial intelligence, all aimed at making better predictions.
Tech exists to more accurately route 911 calls from phones to the correct 911 communications center, but Verizon — one of the three major carriers in the U.S. — has refused to install it in Denver and other regions.
Proposed marijuana rules violate Maine's new facial surveillance ban, banning government organizations from using facial recognition systems with some exceptions, according to the civil rights organization.
Video interviewing technology can use AI, computer vision and voice analytics to screen college applicants for soft skills such as professionalism and communication skills, but concerns about algorithmic bias remain.
Residents in the Southern California city will get to experience an underground stormwater project in an augmented reality experience designed to give them a better understanding of both the project and area.
Rancho Palos Verdes, Calif., recently took a step toward becoming the first city in its area to install wildfire cameras that can detect the initial wisps of smoke that could portend a potentially devastating fire.
Last week the California Fair Political Practices Commission passed a resolution allowing cryptocurrencies to be used as donations for political campaigns. The move reverses its earlier decision to ban digital currencies.
The controversial proposal to allow the Dayton Police Department to use license plate-reading technology was approved by a narrow margin this week. Opponents of the tech cite privacy as a main concern.
The resolution cites 20 separate reasons for the statement of support for SpaceX, among them the company's investment of more than $1 billion in its Boca Chica facility, including over $400 million on operations in 2021.
As wildfires become more frequent and intense, this project — along with other recent efforts — shows how the gov tech industry is helping to limit damage. Nighttime detection also is becoming a higher priority.
The Los Angeles Bureau of Street Services is testing out fully electrified heavy equipment from Bobcat and Volvo as it transitions to a more zero-emission fleet. Other hybrid vehicles have already found their place in the city fleet.
Plus AAA tests the safety of vehicle drive-assist features, ed tech firm Masterschool raises $100 million and a new cyberthreat, "smishing," is on the rise.
The electronics company plans to invest $4 billion in an electric vehicle battery manufacturing facility in De Soto, Kan. Officials are calling the project the largest battery plant in the world.