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by / January 6, 2004
Wearable Communications
NetworkAnatomy's CommanderGauntlet is part of an 11-pound CommanderPack wireless system that's worn like a backpack. The accompanying helmet features a micro video camera, microphone and flood lighting. The gear users make or receive calls using radio, cellular or satellite frequencies; light the area; transmit video images; and manage documents and e-mail from the system's on-board PC. The optional waterproof gauntlet gives access to functions from their forearm without having to open the CommanderPack, and is ruggedized to withstand bumps.

Ruggedized, Portable Hard Drive
The Mobile DataVault 3DX from Olixir Technologies is a slim, rugged, high-capacity 3.5-inch portable hard drive designed to back up, recover, store and archive critical data. The drive is available in 80 GB, 120 GB, 180 GB and 250 GB capacities and includes 8 MB of cache memory, allowing it to transfer 1 GB of data in less than 50 seconds. Weighing a little over 1 pound, Mobile DataVault 3DX is compact, transportable and integrates a rugged cooling system to improve reliability.

Calendar/Docket Software
CompuLaw's Vision Web Portal 2.05 offers Vision SQL users access to their calendar/docket data through a browser interface, from either their office or remotely through the Internet. This version includes speed improvements and a "Names in Vision" drop-down field, which allows attorneys to assign a default timekeeper from the Vision SQL tables to a Web portal user. Attorneys can also now store events directly into an event batch file, which will automatically be picked up by Vision SQL 8.6's new import option. Version 2.05 makes remote calendaring more convenient, and offers additional customization, reporting and security options.

E-mail Backup
WinGuides' Email Saver Xe lets users safely archive messages and back up attachments, address book contacts, users and accounts, message rules and filters, and many other settings and information. The software can quickly transfer e-mail information from one computer to another for simple Windows upgrades and migrations. To ensure users always have a recent copy of e-mails, the automatic backup feature allows scheduling of regular unattended backups in the background. It works with Windows XP, Me, 98, 95, NT and 2000.
Miriam Jones Chief Copy Editor
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