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Nokia, Panasonic, Cross Match, Belkin

by / September 30, 2005
Web on the Run
Nokia's 770 Internet Tablet measures 5.5x3.1x0.7 inches and weighs 8.1 oz. It has a high-resolution touchscreen with up to 65,536 colors, plus zoom and an on-screen keyboard. The tablet has 64 megabyte DDR RAM and 128 megabyte Flash memory, with a memory card expansion slot for RS-MMC. The tablet offers 802.11b Wi-Fi and can connect to the Internet utilizing Bluetooth wireless technology via a compatible mobile phone. Applications include a Web browser, an e-mail client, Internet radio, a news reader, media players, an image viewer, a file manager, a search function, a calculator, a world clock and a PDF viewer. The lithium-ion battery provides 3.5 hours of browse time and up to 10 days of standby time.

Hyper Scanner
The Panasonic KV-S3105C high-speed color duplex scanner features a 1,000-page automatic document feeder and can scan up to 130 pages or 230 images per minute. The stainless steel scanner detects paper size, and whether the scanner is empty or jammed. It also features blank page removal, automatic crop and deskew, and duplex scanning. Dual ultrawide SCSI and USB 2.0 interfaces allow varied connectivity, and its snap-in roller exchange kit is designed to reduce downtime.

Pocket Protection
The Cross Match MV 100 is a rugged pocket PC with integrated forensic-grade optical fingerprint scanner, digital mug shot camera with 1.3 megapixel resolution, and magnetic stripe reader for extracting information from drivers' licenses. Targeted toward law enforcement agents, the MV 100 provides immediate wireless access to the Automated Fingerprint Identification System and criminal history databases for fingerprint background search. The device weighs less than 2 lbs., and provides wireless connectivity through 802.11b Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. There is a Compact Flash slot for supporting air cards for direct access to a wireless network.

Multitasking Router
Belkin's Wireless G Travel Router features 802.11g technology, network security and multifunctional capabilities. It offers a wide working range of up to 300 feet, and greater interoperability in mixed networking environments. The router allows for broadband Internet connection and file sharing over multiple computers. The 802.11g technology is backward-compatible with the 802.11b Wi-Fi networking standard. As an adapter, the Wireless G can be used to connect to wireless hotspots, and as an access point it expands an existing network's coverage area.

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Miriam Jones Chief Copy Editor
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