Casino Gives City a Citizen Alerts App

In return, free promotion for the Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom in New Hampshire is displayed in the emergency app.

by / July 3, 2012

The Hampton, N.H., Police Department announced July 3 that it now wields a new citizen alerting tool thanks to a gift from a local casino. The Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom gifted Ping4’s Hyperlocal Citizens Alerts App, a geo-location smartphone app for Android and iPhone that instantly notifies citizens about local crimes in progress, weather alerts, natural disasters, traffic and missing people.
Citizens will be able to download the app for free, and it will also include information on shows, events and promotions occurring at the casino and other retailers along the Hampton Beach boardwalk.
Ping4’s alerting service is relatively new, with other New Hampshire police departments first adopting the software earlier this year.

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