VisionTEK Introduces Data Entry and Forms Generation Software for Law Enforcement Handhelds

Law enforcement, first responders, emergency management, universities and parks and wildlife among targeted agencies.

by / June 3, 2008

VisionTEK introduced their new handheld software application suite at the International Association of Chiefs of Police Law Enforcement Information Management Conference last week. User developed/configurable forms, integration with GPS, card swipe, scanner, and multiple communications and sync methods are now provided in a single tightly integrated package. This new suite of applications includes templates for electronic citation forms, field interview forms and warrant query forms. The suite also includes a report administration portal and a forms development toolkit.

"The Handheld Software Application Suite received rave reviews by the IACP LEIM attendees", said Frank Traylor, VisionTEK CEO and president. "The audience showed great interest in our new forms development toolkit, a tool they can use in-house to create their own data forms with ease and simplicity. Our customers have been looking for ways to get customized forms at lower cost and risk, the solution is here. The customization concept was of greatest interest to agencies with unique data mobilization requirements: law enforcement, first responders, emergency management, universities, parks, wildlife and the private sector."

"[Our customers] needed the means to gather data, generate reports, have immediate access to wanted persons files and the flexibility to develop and maintain their forms, without vendor assistance--and we delivered," said Aaron Swanson, VisionTEK vice president.


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