Even gardeners with the greenest thumbs can struggle to keep the yard free of weeds. But the Tertill will wheel itself around and do the dirty work for you, without complaint. 

Like a Roomba vacuum for the yard (and created by Joe Jones, inventor of the Roomba), Tertill is a solar-powered robot that lives in your vegetable or flower garden and takes care of weeds as they appear. It can tell the difference between a plant you want and one you don’t simply by height: Weeds are short and plants are tall. If a plant is short enough to fit underneath Tertill, the string trimmer turns on. It connects to a smartphone via Bluetooth and is built with four-wheel-drive to roll itself around in the soil and get rid of weeds without using chemicals. 

The little, green 2.5-pound bot isn’t yet in production, but contributors to its Kickstarter can see for themselves how well it works when it’s released next spring.