iRobot, the company behind the popular robotic Roomba vacuum, today announced plans to further its product’s role in connected homes. Later this month, iRobot will roll out an optional beta program through its app that will allow some users with Wi-Fi enabled Roombas to let the device create a map of their Wi-Fi coverage.

The Wi-Fi map will be available alongside the pre-existing cleanliness map in the iRobot app. Users will be able to toggle between the two and see a color-coded map of their home’s signal strength. The mapping feature won’t be able to display specific download or upload speeds; rather, it just shows the overall Wi-Fi strength in decibels, making this a helpful tool for locating dead spots.

“The beta program is where things like this will live and grow, as the team wants to test new features,” iRobot’s Senior Director of Digital Product Management, Gary Hall, told TechCrunch. “Initially, we’ll allow users to signal their interest in the mobile app. From there, we’ll do releases of the beta features as they make sense.”