Developed by China-based 90Fun, the 90Fun Puppy 1 is controlled via remote and includes a summoning feature, making it even more like a loyal furry friend. While it is not the first following suitcase to hit the market, what makes the Puppy 1 really stand out (aside from its rhyming tongue twister of a name) is its unique self-balancing technology.

To develop a two-wheeled suitcase capable of balancing itself, 90Fun partnered with Segway. The result is a “gravity adaptive system” that keeps the Puppy 1 from tripping over itself. But in case you ever don’t trust it not to do that, there is a retractable handle, so you can tow it along like any regular dumb suitcase.

The 90Fun Puppy 1 will be showcased at CES in Las Vegas next week, and will be available for purchase in the U.S. later in 2018.