Positron, an L.A.-based startup, announced the $1.4 million raised during its seed round at the 2018 Sundance Film Festival, to which it brought a newer version of the first-generation Voyager virtual reality (VR) chair that came to Sundance in 2017. Voyager rotates 360 degrees and reclines 35 degrees while still allowing the user to move their head to look around the VR environment, which facilitates longer viewing times. Voyager uses a GTX 1070 GPU VR headset hooked up to a PC stored within the chair itself, and multiple chairs can be synced for group viewing.

According to Jennifer Rundell, founder and chief operating officer at Positron, the money from the fundraising will be used to add more advanced functions to the next-gen chair. Such upgrades include scent, wind, motion tracking and six degrees of freedom tracking. The company hopes to one day deploy its chairs in public venues like cinemas, museums and airports.