That’s the premise of the company’s latest 2018 Super Bowl ad, which it released Wednesday on its YouTube channel. In the ad, a concerned Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is reassured by Amazon employees after Alexa loses her voice that “the replacements” are ready and up for the task.

Alexa’s replacements turn out to be an eclectic group of modern celebrities including Gordon Ramsey becoming angry when asked for a grilled cheese recipe, and Rebel Wilson failing to “set the mood” and instead making it more awkward. Singer Cardi B performs her song “Bodak Yellow” instead of country music and laughs when a customer asks for the distance to Mars, and Anthony Hopkins is more interested in feeding a peacock than making phone calls.

Amazon told Mashable that the goal of the ad is to prove that Alexa is irreplaceable, even by our idols. Luckily, she recovers by the end and is able to take over again.