While many everyday accessories, like watches, have found success by going "smart," there is one that has consistently fallen short: eyeglasses. After Google Glass failed to catch on, most others followed suit. But Intel just launched a set of smart glasses that are aiming to succeed where others have failed.

Called Vaunt, these glasses are designed mostly to deliver instant, simple notifications via a Bluetooth link to a smartphone. This is done by shining a red, monochrome 400-by-150-pixel image into the wearer’s eye using a very, very low-power laser. Unlike most other smart glasses, Vaunt has no camera, instead relying on motion sensors to get an idea of where the wearer is. While there isn’t one now, future models may have a microphone to facilitate voice commands.

Weighing in at just under 50 grams, Vaunt is only slightly heavier than regular glasses. The frames are plastic and all of the technology is housed in the stem, meaning they could potentially be used with prescription lenses.