How can you control your home with the wave of a hand?

Answer: Hayo

by / February 8, 2017

Most smart home tech on the market tends to be activated by smartphone or voice — think Amazon’s Alexa or Google Home. But a new Internet of Things device set to launch may make interacting with your environment even easier.

Place the Hayo (pronounced “high-oh”) device in the corner of a room, connect it to Wi-Fi, and it will scan the area and create a spatial map using its built-in camera and infrared sensors. You can then use the Hayo smartphone app to program different signals to use in different parts of the room: Wave your hand at the TV to turn it on, tap the windowsill to lower the shade, wiggle your fingers to dim the lights. Over time, the company says, Hayo will use artificial intelligence to learn your behaviors and “help meet your moment-to-moment needs”

While Hayo is currently not available for purchase, the company’s Indigogo crowdfunding campaign starts Feb. 8.
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