The Pyeongchang Olympics Anti-Terrorism and Safety team, formed in 2016 with the task of ensuring safety at the 2018 event, is taking its job seriously. Recently announced plans for security at the games include a number of high-tech deployments.

Rogue drones have become an increasing safety concern at any large public event, and the 2018 Games are no exception. Therefore, the skies above Pyeongchang will be monitored by unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) armed with nets to physically capture any unidentified UAVs that pop up on radar. And just in case the drone-catching drones can’t get them, security personnel on the ground have been practicing shooting drones down.

Also taking to the skies for security will be a tactical military plane equipped with high-resolution CCTV cameras using facial recognition technology. The plane will maintain an altitude of 150 meters to 200 meters and will notify venue security teams if it notices any nefarious persons.

There will also be X-ray search vehicles at venue entrances and exits looking for concealed weapons or persons inside vehicles, and an army of motion-tracking CCTV cameras inside each venue. Let the games begin.