The 2020 Olympic medals will be made out of what?

Answer: 100 percent recycled e-waste.

by / February 11, 2019

Next year’s Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo are putting an emphasis on sustainability. The medals for the 2020 Games will be forged entirely from metals reclaimed from discarded smartphones, laptops and other electronic gadgets.

In order to achieve this goal, Japan had to set targets for the amounts of each metal that it needed to collect: 5,950 pounds of bronze, 9,000 pounds of silver, and 67 pounds of gold. After collecting more than 48,000 tons of e-waste, the target for bronze has been met, while the country has 85.4 percent of the silver and 93.7 percent of the gold necessary.

Over $3 million worth of metals have been collected from more than 5 million devices, most of which were handed in at NTT Docomo stores. Collection will continue through March 31 of this year, and Tokyo expects that all of the target amounts will be met.