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The Sacramento Kings’ arena is using IoT devices for what?

Answer: Pouring drinks.

by / February 28, 2020

More specifically, the devices are being used to allow VIP customers to pour their own drinks.

The Internet of Things revolution has found a new way to permeate our daily lives: a bar at a sports arena. The Golden 1 Center, home to the Sacramento Kings basketball team, is turning to an IoT system to take the place of bartenders for guests in the suites and lofts.

The system, called NINA, consists of a tablet and a bunch of Internet-connected bottle caps. Customers simply enter the drink they want on the tablet, and the NINA caps on the bottle(s) that they need will unlock and light up. The cap measures the amount of alcohol required for the requested drink, ensuring that customers can’t just pour as much as they want. The tablets can also be used to set up tabs and process payments, making the whole system online and free of human interaction.

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