The United States Postal Service is going digital — sort of.

Last year the federal mail agency began a pilot program in which participating customers received an email digest every morning containing digital scans of the physical mail that would be arriving at their homes later that day. Called Informed Delivery, the free service will be available in most ZIP codes nationwide by April 14.

The scans are in black and white, of the front of each piece of mail only, and are currently only of letter-sized mail. The idea is that all members of a household can be sure to see what comes in the mail, and that even if you’re away, you can check what has been delivered at home. The daily digest, sent at 9 a.m. EST every day the regular mail is delivered, will contain images of up to 10 pieces of mail, with a link to click through to view more.

Informed Delivery seems particularly helpful for those who travel frequently, although the question remains of what to do if you see the scan of something you don’t want to receive at all. Junk mail? Thanks, USPS. You can keep it.