How far can the new Tesla Model S go on a single charge?

Answer: All the way from Los Angeles to San Francisco.

by / April 26, 2019
The emblem of a Tesla Model S. Shutterstock/Hadrian

That’s about 370 miles, 35 miles or 10 percent further than the car’s previous range.

The larger Model X also got a mileage upgrade, going up to 325 miles per charge. According to TechCrunch, both cars still use the same 100 kWh battery pack. The improvement in the car’s range is mostly due to the permanent magnet motor in the front of the car paired with an induction motor in the back. This allows for regenerative braking that charges the battery, much like in hybrid vehicles, offsetting some of the battery power used to accelerate.

Some of the company’s Superchargers also got a boost, with the V3 going up to 200 kWh and the V2 to 145 kWh. This almost doubles the charging speed, therefore cutting charging time almost in half.

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