That’s considerably lighter than most e-bikes, which despite recent advancements still tend to be much heavier than their traditional counterparts. Wilier Triestina has reportedly changed that with its Cento1 Hybrid, which weighs in at 11.9 kilograms, or just over 26 pounds. Just for reference, that’s about the average weight of a traditional mountain bike — nonelectric road bikes tend to be a bit lighter.

At first glance the Hybrid doesn’t even look like an ebike. That’s because the 250-watt battery is concealed within the bike’s frame, in the down tube. The motor, designed by ebikemotion, is mounted in the center of the rear wheel and looks a lot like a regular hub. The motor is controlled by a button on the top tube of the bike, allowing the rider to easily turn the motor on and off and adjust the level of assistance. There is also an accompanying ebikemotion smartphone app that tracks performance metrics, provides navigation and weather alerts and integrates with Strava.