What could one day replace your credit card?

Answer: Your palm.

by / May 22, 2019

The future of cashless shopping could have us all simply scanning our hands as we hurry out of the store, with no need for paper or plastic. At least that’s the future that Japanese company Fujitsu is envisioning.

With the company’s new “palm vein” system, users register their palm print when they enter a store. Then when they have their items and are ready to check out, they just have to hover their hand over a scanner to pay. The company claims this is faster than other current forms of biometric identification, and it could even be used on vending machines. Scanning the palm is also more accurate than the face as palm prints are less susceptible to change over time.

Fujitsu recently demonstrated its technology at the Fujitsu Forum show in Japan, and some banking security services are already using it. The company expects to start bringing it to the country’s supermarkets soon.

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