On May 21 at the fourth Gulf Information Security Expo and Conference, the newest member of Dubai’s police force reported for duty. 

The robot, known as a Robocop, will use smart technologies like the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence to patrol the streets of the United Arab Emirates metropolis and help “fight crime, keep the city safe and improve happiness levels,” Brigadier-Gen. Khalid Nasser Al Razouqi, director-general of the Smart Services Department at the Dubai Police, told the Kahleej Times.

Robocop is 5 feet tall and weighs about 220 pounds, and can detect and interpret human, hand gestures, emotions and facial expressions, and adjust its behavior accordingly. Its facial recognition software can identify and catch offenders, and, sort of like a body-worn camera on steroids, also feeds live video to the police station. It also carries a tablet citizens can use to interact with the police department and perform tasks like paying fines or reporting violations.