If you’re a materials scientist, there’s a 2.1 percent chance that you’ll lose your job to automation. Kindergarten teachers are only 15 percent at risk. But if you’re a parking enforcement worker? You’re toast — there’s an 84 percent chance that a robot will take your place.

That’s according to the website Will Robots Take My Job?, which pulled its data from a 2013 report called The Future of Employment: How Susceptible Are Jobs to Computerisation? The report estimated the probability of automation for each of 702 U.S. occupations, and Will Robots Take My Job? allows visitors to search for their own job and see their risk level. Each entry includes information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics to give the position’s median annual wage, projected growth and number of people employed as of 2016. 

To make it as clear as possible, the percentage chance for automation classifies each job into one of four categories: totally safe, no worries, robots are watching and — the death knell — you’re doomed.