When can you stream Steven Spielberg’s new horror show?

Answer: Only at night.

by / June 12, 2019
West Hartford, Conn., at night Flickr/Sage Ross

As if it isn’t going to be scary enough already, Steven Spielberg wants to make sure viewers are only watching his new horror story at the scariest time of the day: night.

The story, aptly being referred to by the working title Spielberg’s After Dark until the actual title is released, will be written by Spielberg and released on the Quibi app. The app will use the device’s location to sync a timer with the current time zone, unlocking each installment only after the sun has set and restarting the timer for the next one at sunrise.

The entire story will be the length of a feature film, but it will be broken up into 10-12 installments of about seven to 10 minutes each. Spielberg has reportedly already written four or six of them already, and Quibi Founder Jeffrey Katzenberg has said that they will be “super scary.”

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