Why buy a whole new smart helmet just to connect to your phone when you can get a heads-up lens that attaches right to your current helmet? The Hudway Sight by Hudway uses a projector and a transparent lens to make your current “dumb” helmet smart.

The device has two main pieces; one for the front of your helmet and one for the back. The back piece is a small computer that connects wirelessly to your phone. It feeds information to the front piece, which is composed of a lens that goes in front of your eye and a tiny projector. The projector can display the content of any smartphone app directly onto the lens, so you don’t have to take your eyes off the road in order to view navigation alerts, vehicle data or even check your messages.

“After very significant R&D efforts, we’ve created a waveguide display technology that is truly unrivaled with the ability to sharply see the digital information even on the brightest sunny day,” CEO Chris Pickett of DigiLens, one of Hudway’s partners in creating the Hudway Sight, told Digital Trends. “In the near future, we believe that all major helmet makers will integrate AR [augmented reality] waveguide displays to make the riding experience better and safer.”