The previous world record was 76.8 miles per hour, set 10 years ago, but Jaguar’s new Vector V20E just blew that right out of the water. The small but powerful boat reached an average speed of 88.6 miles per hour over a 1 kilometer (0.62 mile) course on the historic Coniston Water in England.

The speed boat was made at Jaguar Vector with the help of racing experts, and it seems that it uses parts and technology similar to Jaguar’s Formula E series of all-electric race cars. The electric drivetrain was supplied through a partnership with a team from Williams Advanced Engineering.

Malcom Crease, Jaguar Vector Racing CEO, said, “After 12 months of hard work, this is a fantastic result for the team and our partners and a great first step in bringing the power and versatility of electrification to the marine industry.”